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The delegation of members of parliament addresses an ongoing lecture at the amphitheater

A delegation of Members of Parliament from the National Assembly Committee on Education, led by the Vice chairperson, Hon. Malulu Injedi, recently conducted a familiarization visit to Maseno University.

The delegation expressed their satisfaction with the progress made by the university, particularly regarding its infrastructural advancements. Professor Julius Nyabundi, the Vice-Chancellor, alongside other administrative staff, accompanied the members on a tour of the newly constructed, state-of-the-art amphitheater and hostels.

The delegation was particularly impressed by the facilities, which they believe will significantly enhance the learner experience and bolster the university's capacity to accommodate a larger student body.


The new amphitheater, with its advanced technology and spacious design, provides an ideal platform for lectures, conferences, and workshops. This fosters a dynamic learning environment that encourages knowledge exchange and collaboration between students, faculty, and visiting scholars. 

The expanded hostel capacity allows for a greater number of students to reside on campus. This fosters a more vibrant campus life, where students can engage in discussions and learning beyond the classroom setting. By providing a comfortable and stimulating living environment, the university promotes a culture of knowledge-sharing and intellectual growth. Maseno University's investment in its infrastructure directly aligns with its core mission of disseminating knowledge.

The new facilities create a more conducive learning environment, enabling the university to equip its students with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in an ever-evolving world.

(From right) Hon. Malulu Injendi, Hon. Nabii Nabwera, Prof. Julius Nyabundi and Hon. Clive Ombane share light moments