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Chair of Department
Ms. Rosebenter Awuor Owuor
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This is one of the departments in the School of Nursing that offers courses in three broad areas of nursing including nursing education, nursing leadership and administration, and research. Nursing staff shortages in Kenya and beyond are real, thus the need to train more professional nurses. The department therefore, plays a role in increasing the number of nurses through the fulfillment of its aim in the development of the nursing profession. Nursing education involves professional education for the preparation of nurses to enable them to offer professional nursing care to people of all ages, in all phases of health, as well as illness, and in various settings.

Global trends in nursing show more challenges in relation to rising costs, care access, and quality of care. There is also free movement, standardization, and wider opportunities and challenges in health care due to globalization.  This complex and multi-faceted nature of modern healthcare requires nursing leadership professionals who can create effective intra-departmental and facility-wide systems of healthcare delivery while leading a productive and efficient workforce. This enables optimal patient care both in private hospitals, clinics, and public facilities.  Nursing administration encompasses nursing professionals with knowledge of leadership practices as they relate to the nursing profession.   

Globally, and particularly, sub-Saharan Africa, there is a lack of formal guidelines for practice and inadequate evidence-based practice.  We play a leading role in advancing research in the school of nursing as well as preparing graduates competent in conducting research and applying EBR in practice.  In tandem with the mission and vision of the school of nursing, we strive for excellence among qualifying nurses in education, leadership, and research, and link these practices to clinical care to ensure better outcomes in health-care in Kenya and beyond. 

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